The aim of this blog is to share some of the experiences I’m making in programming and all things related to computing. Just be warned: I’m no professional. Computers are an integral part of my work, but I’m a completely ‘self-taught’ programmer.

Some time ago I got a Raspberry Pi, a really amazing little computer. The great thing about it is, that you can turn it into everything you want it to be. It has enough punch to handle even things like XBMC, but doesn’t need any noisy cooling and consumes only little power.. Therefore, when I asked myself what to do with my Raspberry, I decided to turn it into a little webserver. This means setting up a LAMP stack, installing cool web applications, purchasing a domain, getting a SSL certificate and much more. And I want to shed some light on all of these things.

Everything I’m going to show here follows my own experiences with my Raspberry. Most of my information comes either from the ArchWiki (you guessed right, my Raspberry runs on Archlinux) or from two excellent series on Ars Technica.

The next post will focus on the simple part: getting a web server like Apache or lighttpd runnning.

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20 April 2014